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www.fxcompared.com is the leading global international money transfer comparison service. Originally funded by the UK government’s Department for International Development (DFID) and launched in March 2005 as Sendmoneyhome.org, it has been described as the 'benchmark' for money transfer comparison sites by the UK's champion for consumers, Martin Lewis from moneysavingsexpert.com.

Fxcompared.com provides visitors from around the world with an independent and transparent comparison of international money transfer services offered by foreign exchange brokers, money transfer providers and banks for sending money abroad. Catering for all mainstream currencies, fxcompared.com takes into consideration factors including exchange rates, fees, speed, method of transfer and the amount of money the recipient will actually receive.

With close relationships with some of the world's leading payment specialists, fxcompared.com helps consumers and corporates negotiate the transfer of money between borders at greatest value and with greatest trust, overcoming the default setting of using often expensive banks. Current economics and a mass of poor publicity for the way in which banks conduct themselves is proving to be a powerful catalyst for the website.

Recognised with a business award, Fxcompared.com has received significant international and national press coverage (Times, Telegraph, Independent, Thisismoney.co.uk) and their experts have been called upon to provide comment and analysis on BBC radio.

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